Insightful Co-Parenting and Positive Discipline Coaching

Become a more involved parent in raising and taking care of your children. At Gordon Wellness, LLC, in Newport News, Virginia, we provide interactive co-parenting and positive discipline parent education.
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Co-Parenting Instruction
Having two different mothers and fathers and two homes can create parenting problems among the parents and children. As your counselor, we closely work with you in order to appropriately address and mitigate the effects of parent divorce or separation to your child or children. Through our instruction, we also emphasize the importance of providing for your children financially and in steering them away from the center of parental conflicts.

At our co-parenting classes, we discuss and identify various strategies in helping your children adjust to having two or more parents. Each of our class lasts for four hours, and we give a certificate of completion for successful participants. Our co-parenting classes are not a divorce education or meant to place judgement to parenting. In addition, our classes are a calm alternative with no judgement if the court orders you and your partner to undergo an instruction such as what we offer.

Positive Discipline Parenting Technique 
Based upon curriculim designed by Lynn Lott and Jane Nelsen, our positive discipline coaching is based on experimental methods that aid parents to discover what really works and what doesn't in raising their children. Parents will have the opportunity to practice their newly learned skills by means of role playing and encouraging feedback.

Interactive Learning
With our coaching, parents also realize that it is not difficult to change old patterns of child rearing. Our positive discipline techniques are fun and very easy to do since participants can learn experiences from each other instead of just listening to lectures or simply watching instructional videos.

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